11 and a half Tips To Get Your Home Sold Quickly; For Top Dollar


Everyone wants to get the most for their home with the least headaches, try a few of these tips to make it happen.

Then give me a call and I can share a few more.



Step 1: Declutter!!!!

  • Clean out the overstuffed closets
  • Minimize the furniture, donate the extra furniture, it just makes your rooms seem too small.
  • Clean off the counter tops.
  • Clean out the crowded cabinets.
  • Pack up the knickknacks early, the tend to distract and add to the clutter.
  • Put a good share of your extra stuff into storage until after the move.



Step 2: Hide the Pet evidence.

  • Take them with you or send to a sitter during ALL showings.
  • Clean up the stains
  • Get rid of the Odors, hire a professional if needed.
  • Ask a few people who do Not live in the house if they can smell the evidence, you may not be able to.


Step 3: Be Gone During Showings!

  • Don’t be that annoying seller that makes the sellers uncomfortable and distracts them from seeing the home of their dreams. 
  • Think about how uncomfortable you feel when a pushy salesperson wont leave you alone.


Step 4: Remember the First Offer is often the Best offer.

  • Ready serious buyers generally are quick to put up a good price, you may want to accept it.
  • The longer the home is on the market, the less it will generally get as people start to think that there is something wrong with it.
  • Over pricing a home is a classic way to create a stigmatized home that lingers on the market too long.


Step 5: Be Ready to Negotiate if you don’t like the offer.

  • Far too many get offended and kill the deal when with a little negotiation they may get to a very good deal.
  • Every offer is nothing more than a starting point, and many buyers feel compelled to see how far you will go.
  • Bonus tip, sometimes it helps to Under-price your home, generating several buyers who will bid the price up.

Step 6: Replace everything that is old and worn.

  • Carpeting, rugs, flooring
  • Paint the walls a fresh neutral color.
  • Replace the hardware, switch covers, door handles, light fixtures, faucets, etc.

Step 7: Curb Appeal is often the Only impression you get.

  • A great first impression is so critically important.
  • Landscaping – Trim hedges, reseed the lawn, plant some flowers.
  • Make sure the outside of the home pops – Clean Windows, Painted door, power clean the siding, paint the trim.
  • Take some photos then sit down with everyone you know and look for opportunities to find things that need improvement.

Step 8: Depersonalize

  • Put away your treasures, photos, knickknacks, kids stuff, hunting trophies, collections.
  • Let the buyers imagine their treasure in the home, not yours.

Step 9: Bright and Sunny

  • Open up and clean the windows
  • Get rid of anything that keeps the light out, drapes, blinds, dirty windows.
  • Put in quality lighting, high wattage bulbs.
  • Paint over or get rid of all dark walls, paneling, etc.

Step 10: Put Mr. Fixit to work!

  • Fix Everything that is broken, or nearly broken.
  • May want to hire an inspector ahead of time and get those things fixed now before selling it rather than later when the buyer sends you a request list.


Step 11: Kitchens are Key!

Remember the Kitchen is the most important room that generally tips the scales for buyers, make sure yours is clean, modern, uncluttered, and sure to Wow!


Bonus Tip, It Pays to hire the Best!

  • When it really matters, hire an Amazing Realtor®
  • A well trained and experienced Keller Willams agent like myself will be money well spent when you find out all the ways they will help you to eliminate the headaches of selling your home while finding you the best buyer for your home.


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